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Cheap and Natural Homemade Cleaning Alternatives

In today’s uncertain economic climate, it never hurts to save a little extra cash, so more and more people are looking for cheaper alternatives in pretty much everything; from shopping at a thrift store instead of a department store, to making dog treats instead of buying them – anything and everything can be gotten a little more cheaply if the will is there.

When shopping for a household, some of the more expensive items can be found in the cleaning aisle; from kitchen and bathroom disinfectants, to floor cleaners and window spray, there is a cleaning product for almost every surface in a home, and when adding them up it can get surprisingly costly. But happily, there are alternatives out there that take just a few extra minutes to prepare, and cost a lot less money than the commercial versions – and as a bonus are pretty environmentally friendly too!

Using White Vinegar to Create Natural Cleansers

Vinegar is one of the cheapest and easiest options available. Vinegar is acid based, and as such it can cut through grease, mold, mildew, and almost any dirt and grime the standard busy household can produce. And vinegar is an efficient antibacterial solution and germ killer too!

There are lots of recipes out there for different vinegar-based cleansers. And for the few dollars it costs to buy one large bottle of vinegar that can be mixed and used in almost every area in the house, a person would likely bring home only one small bottle of cleanser that could only be used for one specific task.

Tip: Mixing essential oils in with some vinegar solutions can reduce the pungent smell!

Using Baking Soda as a Cleaning Alternative

Another versatile and inexpensive option for cleaning is baking soda. Baking soda can be mixed with vinegar to create several different types of deep cleaning solutions, but can also be used on its own to remove odor from carpets, or brighten up white laundry – there are plenty of recipes out there! It is especially great for removing set in stains on almost any surface, and can be used on delicate surfaces since it is unlikely to scratch or etch the material.

Using Lemon and Lime Juices as Natural Cleaning Alternatives

Lemon and lime juices are also efficient cleanser alternatives. Because both lemon and lime juices have acids in them, they work well in breaking down grease, lime scale, hard water build-up and other tough household grime. They work similarly to vinegar, and can often be used in place of vinegar in many cleanser recipes. Not only do the juices of these fruits work as cleansers, but unlike vinegar, they leave behind a pleasant scent, and so can be used as deodorizers for rooms and surfaces as well.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide as a Natural Cleanser

Hydrogen peroxide is another natural and cheap alternative to commercial cleaning products. According to, it is “antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mold and anti-mildew” and so is a great multi-surface cleaner in the kitchen and bathroom, and it “tends to keep your sponges, mops, and scrubbie pads a whole lot cleaner” – helping to extend their lives and save you even more money in the long run!

Tip: When using any of these natural solutions, it is always a good idea to test a small hidden area of the surface to be cleaned, just to be sure that no unforeseen damage is done!

All of these natural options can save a bundle of money for any household, and all it takes is a little extra time mixing the solutions – many of which can be made in large amounts and stored for later use – time equal to that spent at the store shopping for the commercial versions anyway!

And not only are all of these options cost effective, but any household can easily reduce its environmental impact by using them on a regular basis, since they are completely natural and non-toxic; a person can be doing the cleaning and doing their part for the environment at the same time. Don’t be afraid to give some of these cheaper homemade options a try, since they often do as good a job or better than store-bought products!